For Attendees

ReasonConf is a 3-day event and it will take place at two different places. This page summarizes all important details about our venues, travel details and other useful information.

Workshop & Conference Venue

The workshop day (day 1) will take place at four different rooms at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. The conference day (day 2) and dojo day (day 3) will take place at the Ceremonial Hall 1 at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (LC / Learning Center building).


Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Vienna.

Nearby Subway Stations: U2 Messe-Pater, U2 Krieau

Venue Routing

Journey to the Venue

FROM: Airport Vienna (train station) / TO: Messe-Prater U2

Note: Try to avoid CAT trains, since they are 5 times more expensive and are only 5-8 min faster. It’s also a private company, tickets won’t be accepted by the public train service (= ÖBB) and vice versa.

  • Go to the train station located at the airport

  • Find a red ÖBB ticket machine or use the ÖBB app (iOS / Android) for the ticket

  • Buy a ticket to Wien Messe-Prater (4,2 EUR)

  • Check the monitors, the ÖBB app or follow this Maps link to find a train to Wien Hbf (Central Station)

  • From Wien Hbf, take a U1 metro (direction Leopoldau) to Wien Praterstern Bf (6 stops)

  • From Wien Praterstern, find the U2 metro (direction Wien Aspernstraße) to Messe-Prater (1 stop)

  • From Messe-Prater it's a 7 min walk to the conference venue (LC building)

Open Stage

The Open Stage is a recorded lightning talk session on Saturday morning (April 12th). Attendees will be able to sign up for their lightning talk during the conference day on Friday. Details on how to sign up will be announced by our MC during the day.

Lightning Talks may last 5 - 13 mins, with a very short Q&A session of max. 2 min (in total max 15 min). If there are many speakers, we ask everyone to stay in the time limit and respect the timeslots of their colleagues.

Topics should be related to Reason / OCaml or about its communities.

Friday After Party

The party will take place at Kolariks Luftburg and is close to the venue (7 min walk). We will leave as a group shortly after the closer on Friday (April 12th), feel free to join us!

Make sure you don't forget the drink voucher you received with your badge for a free beverage (sponsored by our lovely Gold Sponsor Jane Street).

The voucher covers light drinks (beer, wine, non-alcoholic, other bottled drinks) but no cocktails!

Saturday After Heuriger

After the official end of the conference on Saturday (April 13th) we suggest to gather at a Viennese wine tavern (Heuriger). You can get food and drinks there.


Mitterwurzergasse 20, 1190 Wien