Terms of Service

By purchasing a ticket or / and attending the conference you agreeing to the following terms. In case you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us.


Your registration is non-refundable once purchased. Cancellations of your travel and/or hotel reservations are your own responsibility. It's solely your responsibility to cancel your room and flights if you can't attend the conference.

Transferring your Ticket

You may transfer your ticket until the day before the conference. Transferring your ticket once the conference has started is not allowed.


The organisers can change the date of the event or cancel the event. If the event is cancelled, any purchased ticket gets a full refund. If only a part e. g. a workshop is not taking place you get back the fee for the booked part, excluding the fee for the parts you still attend. Further claims against the organiser are not possible.


Our team will record videos and take photos at the event, including attendees. With your registration you grant us the right to use these video and photo materials for documentation and conference PR purposes. If you don't want to be filmed and / or photographed, please inform us at the day of the conference at the registration desk. Regardless of your preference, in case you have any concerns about any photo or video material that has been published on one of our official channels (YouTube, Google Photos etc.) please let us know and we will remove it.