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The official ReasonML conference for web developers & OCaml enthusiasts

Vienna, Austria

On the Road to Production

Last year we have been eagerly onboarding newcomers to the language and we will continue to do so. This year, we designed the conference around shipping products & tools, built in Reason & OCaml.

  1. Workshops & Knowledge Transfer

    We will offer different workshops, for all kinds of levels. There will be a beginner workshop for Reason newcomers and more practical workshops to get up to speed to build products more efficiently. Pick your favorite!

    Workshops & Knowledge Transfer Photo
  2. Conference Day

    The conference day will be a single-stage setup with a variety of talks about Reason & OCaml related R&D, case studies and the community.

    Conference Day Photo
  3. Open Mic & Reason Dojo Day

    The last day will be split in a Open Microphone session in the noon and a reason-dojo in the afternoon. Take the chance to stand on stage and show the community what you are interested in and take part in a conference-wide reason dojo.

    Open Mic & Reason Dojo Day Photo


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      Impressions from 2018

      Jérémie Dimino avatar image
      Jérémie Dimino@dimenix

      It was really nice to meet people from the @reasonml community at the

      #ReasonConf and see how this new language is making the things we love about OCaml accessible to new communities. Thanks to the organizers and congratulations to the authors and maintainers of Reason!

      Keira avatar image

      To the core contributors who came and tirelessly listened, helped, informed, debated, taught, demonstrated, and were generally awesome - thank you.


      Ben avatar image

      Truly amazing day in Vienna at #ReasonConf

      I’ve never seen such a nice community :) @reasonml

      Johann Sonntagbauer avatar image
      Johann Sonntagbauer@johann_sonntag

      #ReasonConf was an inspiring experience and not a conference in traditional sense. No advertising, simply telling the truth, sharing stories and trying to work for the best outcome possible. I am so thankfull to have wittnessed this amazing experience thx!

      Sophie G avatar image
      Sophie G@rarity2017

      Thank you #ReasonConf organisers for the sightseeing tour! Was a great conference from start to finish. Thank you, Vienna!

      Andrey Popp avatar image
      Andrey Popp@andreypopp

      Got back from @reasonconf, this was the best conf I’ve ever attended: both from the fun and usefulness PoV. Thank you @ryyppy @nikgraf and @okonetchnikov for organising it. The @reasonml community is so nice, been very happy to meet in person with a lot of people from there 😀