Activities in Vienna

Vienna offers lots of different activities from classical music to hiking. Here is a hand-picked list of things you can do in your free time.

đŸŽ» Culture


Classical concerts in concert hall built in 1870, the Golden Hall is famous for the yearly New Years Concert by the Vienna Philharmonics

Naturhistorisches Museum

Former imperial natural history museum, with a vast spectrum of exhibitions


Various exhibitions of modernist art with Monet to Picasso being a permanent one


museum featuring famous artists like Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimit

đŸ„Ÿ Outside


Auge park, good for running, cycling, picknicking one part has, the Wurstelprater, is an entertainment park with free entry it has roller coasters, water rides and other more or less fun things on a pay-by-ride basis


The old imperial stables, now a place to hang out and chill with a choice of some bars and restaurants. The artistic center of the hip 7th district.


A look-out on the hills east to the city, with a great view over all of Vienna

Schönbrunn Palace & Park

Imperial castle with a huge park

Schönbrunn Imperial Zoo

Next to the imperial castle, the oldest zoo in the world, opened 1752 now has a heavy focus on science and species conservation