Food & Drinks

Here is the short curated selection of places to get food and drinks in Vienna. There are many more great places in Vienna, so please ask organizers or look up in the Internet.

☕️ Coffee


Specialty coffeshop with a great selection of coffee beverages

Cafe Jelinek

Very special Altwiener coffee house in the 6th District close to ImpactHub. Authentic old style, proper Wiener Melange and handmade cakes and other small Viennese dishes.

🌭 Quick & Good

Natsu Sushi (7th district)

Very small sushi place with a very low price and very high quality. Really good fast-food alternative and very close to ImpactHub.

Berlin Döner

Quick and very tasty Döner / Kebab / Falafel. Very close to ImpactHub and very long opening hours. Quite a hip location for 7th district hipsters.

Cafe Europa

Good breakfast, lunch; in the evening a popular bar

🇦🇹 Austrian Flair

Wiedner Bräu

Brewery and traditional Austrian food place.

We especially recommend their sweet main dishes like Kaiserschmarrn (scrambled pancakes).

Glacis Beisl

Good Austrian food, nice garden, near Museumsquartier

Brilliantengrund Restaurant

Very good Pinoy food, also not very far from the ImpactHub


Traditonal Austrian Heurigen (wine tavern) in the middle of wine hills and a view over Vienna (might want to take a cab there; ~25 Euro)


Also a nice Heurigen on a hill, but a bit easier to reach

10er Marie

A good Heurigen, but quite central and easy to reach via tram; a bit touristy

Zur Stadt Krems

Traditional Austrian food, near the ImpactHub where the workshop takes place (closed on weekends)

🍔🍺 Burgers & Craft Beers (Ken Wheeler Approved)


BBQ place with a good selection of beers, near ImpactHub


Good burgers and craft beer, very close to the city center & St. Stephens Cathedral


Exceptionally good burgers & fries. Even the buns are handmade. Also they have a vast selection of different craft beers & ciders. Make sure to make a reservation beforehand.

🍕 Pizza

Il Mare

Italian place with decent pizza and nice outside seating near ImpactHub

Disco Volante

Dispite the name, it's a very good pizza place and not a club (but the pizza oven is a huge disco ball!)

Mia Cucina

Cute little place with a very good Pizza and a streetside guest garden.


Swing Kitchen

Exclusively Vegan Burgers and other vegan dishes. Really famous for their healthy and great alternatives to common fast-food.

Hǎo Noodle and Tea

Very good Chinese restaurant on the Ring street


Breakfast in the morning, lunch, and bar in the evening

Die Halle

Good food in the Museumsquartier, also nice in the evening

🍸 Drinks & Bars

If Dogs Run Free

Very good cocktail place


Awesome cocktail place, make sure to call before you go there, there are no signs on the building, you have to ring the doorbell to get in

Das Torberg

This bar is dedicated to all kinds of Gin & Tonic combinations. Huge selection of various brands and also a very moody ambience.

Sing Your Song

This is a very cool karaoke bar for those who like to sing their favorite songs while having a nice drink.