Public Transport

All the public transportation in Vienna is operated by Wiener Linien. Whenever you are using a tram, bus, subway or S-Bahn (train going through the city), you will need a Wiener Linien ticket.

🎟 Tickets

In Vienna (Kernzone 100)

  • Single ticket: can be used to go from point A - B. You can also switch between bus / train / etc
  • 24 / 48 / ... hour ticket: As soon as you validate the ticket, the hours are counting. 24 hours usually pay off after a minimum of 4 trips.
  • Week tickets: You won't be able to buy a week ticket for the same week as ReasonConf, since they only allow a start from Monday

More infos about the tickets.

Beyond the city borders via train

For all stops beyond Kernzone 100 (as seen as the white circle in the map) trains are operated by ÖBB train services, therefore you need a train ticket. You can buy tickets either at ÖBB branded ticket machines or via their app.

Useful tip: Whenever you are moving in and out of Kernzone 100 by train, you can use your Wiener Linien ticket from the first station the 100 zone border starts, for all the other stations you need the train ticket.

The border station between Vienna and VIE airport is called Wien Schwechat.

📱Recommended Apps

Sorry, Apple Maps still doen's offer public transport navigation :(